Today, we are very honoured to publish this interview of Skope. If you know what’s hot in the neuro / glitch hop scene, you probably already love his work, but we’re pretty sure you’ like to know a bit more about this bass music genius, wouldn’t you ??



When and how did you start to produce music ?

It has been almost 5 years since I first started. It originally began just messing around with a cheap version of logic and a demo of massive. I just wanted to have some fun trying to make the various styles of electronic music I enjoyed. But then I got bored with the sounds I was making and decided to get a proper education about 3-4 years ago which is when I started taking it a bit more seriously.



Your latest EP was released last Monday on Adapted Records, how do you feel about it ?

Pretty pleased to be honest. I have had a great response from Get On Up at a lot of the shows I have played and from people I had given it too. Its always exciting when something comes out, and this has been on my hard drive for a while so I was eager to get it out there.



You have been very productive in 2013 and so far in 2014, lots of quality tunes have been released. What’s next ?
Thank you. I have several more EPs under way and trying to keep them different and evolving from my previous releases. For example, I have an EP in the works for Krafty Kuts new Label “Instant Vibes” which takes some of the elements of get on up and increases the pace and energy. Other than that I have a collab EP with Disprove which is more on the technical side of things, the sample work is a bit more chilled out and less funky with more of a hip hop and IDM sort of twist. Then there will be a remix EP of one of my earlier releases – Razor Beam EP with adapted records. I will also be releasing remixes I have done for Vent and Au5 later this year and several more bits and bobs that aren’t ready to reveal yet!



How do you play your music live ? Do you dj ? Which gear do you like to use ?
I have recently started using Ableton for my DJing. I have only started to scratch the surface of what that thing can do so I’m going to be putting more time into pushing it to the limits. But already it has allowed my sets to become a lot more fluid and interesting which is great.



Which artist(s) has the most influence over your own production (Neuro Hop or any genre) ? Also is there one artist in particular who made you feel like producing Neuro Hop ?
Thats hard to say. I listen to a lot of different music and try to take elements from all the things I like to make something of my own. I have always found that genres as a whole are more inspiring than any one artist within that genre. Although it was when koan sound released mr brown that I got really excited about 100bpm and that definitely led me down the path I’m on now, but they were pretty much the first to do it so I’m sure there are a lot of artists in this scene who would say something similar.


What do you think of the Glitch / Neuro Hop scene ? Where do you see it heading ?
I hope that scene will continue to grow and develop as more artists join in and the already known artists develop. I don’t see any big boom like dubstep had, but thats for the best I think. It is an intricate and quite a specialist genre so it’s not for everyone. But all the fans and producers I have met are all really excited by it and I think any genre needs a good strong fan base to keep it alive and thriving so we definitely have that.



How do see young enthusiastic producers who want to know every secret tip, as fast as possible, without having any real musical background to help understanding it fully ?
Music can be quick and easy for some, but most of us have to work hard at it for a long time. I have always tried to learn about the “why” something works not just the how, over time this has prepared me with an arsenal of techniques which can be reached for in a certain situation. You need to learn when and where each technique is appropriate and that can only come with experience and time.



One last question about reese bass processing: do you drink tea or coffee ?
Coffee, always!


Okay! Thank you very much for answering our questions, we appreciate it a lot!



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