Hi guys, we’re excited to bring you this interview from one of the most exciting artist in the drum n bass scene right now ! With his first LP “Mind The Future” released on Commercial Suicide along with a certain number of collaborations on other labels such as Renegade Hardware, DOSE is coming for the kill this year …



Could you tell us a bit of history about you for those who might not be familiar with your musical background ? What’s your name ? Where do you come from ? How did you get your particular place on the scene ?

Sure, I got into DJing at around 17, a group of us created a crew called Co. (company) Wrekt. – Co.Wrekt . a year or 2 later I started promoting gigs in Christchurch New Zealand, and eventually this became my full time job and passion, both DJing and promoting. Events started at local level but grew to international as in such acts as Noisia, Pendulum, Klute, Hype, BSE and anything else that came through. Eventually I started producing to try and fulfill the ever growing addiction to this music and to try and release the endless songs in my head and get them expressed… 12 ish years later here I am… my debut LP “Mind the Future” and about 50 other single releases.


How did you get in touch with Renegade Hardware at first ?

The first track I was part of that was released on Hardware was “Mutiny” a collab with Vicious Circle, Teknik and Menace. VC were solely a hardware artist so thats where the introduction came. Since then I have been lucky enough to play 2 Hardware shows in London and release a few more tracks on Hardware, one of which “One at a Time” with CERN has just been released yesterday

It’s an honour to have released and worked with such a historic and resepcted label. Big ups to Renegade Hardware <3



How is it that someone that has been around for so many years in the DnB scene happens to release his debut album just now ? What is the process that leads to eventually releasing a full LP ?

It took a while for me to feel comfortable putting an album together but the last few years I’ve learnt and achieved a lot with my music, so the right time came along 🙂


There is a certain old-school vibe throughout the LP, and yet each track has its very own identity and keeps progressing and is constantly evolving. How do you know a tune is finished and you can let it live a life on its own ?

Yes, I grew up with dnb from 1999 onwards so a lot of it was more repetitive back then that it is now… but i like that hypnotic feel, I think my tunes portray that too. Knowing a tune is finished – hmm It’s just a feeling really…when it’s expressing the vibe you want it too with out the need of too much imagination? if that makes sense



What do you think from your perspective is so special about your local scene ? I mean, you all seem to have something different in terms of production and taste in music when you come from Australia / NZ … Do you know why ?

Im not sure really…There are some epic parties down here IN New Zealand… so maybe the influence of those nights and the buzz you get outta them potrays into the tunes? The crowds here in NZ are so into the music…and passionate…


What has been your process to make your new release on Renegade Hardware ? How did you work with Cern on this particular track ? Did you two develop a certain pattern working together since your first collab ?

We started this one whilst I was living in London back in 2011. It was a little gem and I finally got around to finishing this earlier this year… so with Cerns approval we were good to go..

We work great together, would love to work more and it’s def on the cards….
RIP Jonny Cern & Big ups to Ollie!



What labels are you most comfortable working with and why ?
Are there others producers / labels you would love working with ?

I like working with labels who support what you write, as in don’t ask you to change things or write a particular style…it doesn’t work that way creatively for me…. And it goes without saying that organised labels who have release dates planned, good processes and networks, friendly and the financials in order are important too!

Im happy with who im working with for the moment, but the doors are always open.
What can we expect from your tour shows this summer, and beyond ?

I’m looking for Europe and Uk shows from September onwards this year, currently im back in New Zealand. Please contact Evolution artists UK for bookings.

What would be your best / most epic / fun memory on stage / off stage so far ?

The show just been (this weeknd) in Christchurch, New Zealand (my hometown) was amazing. It was emotional after 12 years heading back to where it all began and playing to a sell out home crowd. It was a wicked night and one for my books!!! Other than that the whole experience of traveling and meeting new people, trying great food and drink and experiencing new cultures is addictive!!



Any last word for your French Fans ?

Sure! Thanks for all the support over the years if you have, I’m a big fan of your country and hopefully i’ll be seeing you later this year!!!

Also a big thanks to everyone involved with any part of my time as an artist so far, from promoters to producers to club goers and music enthusiasts… it’s been a great journey and im ready for a new chapter!

Also thanks guys for taking the interview! it means a lot!

My new LP is available on all good digital and vinyl stores now : “Mind the Future”

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